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​​Impromptu Opera was officially launched in February 2013 by husband and wife duo Martyn and Habba Parkes. They have performed professionally as a classical singer and pianist for many of the years before and were often arranging musical evenings for a variety of clients and venues. It became obvious that the outfit needed a name and something which people could instantly recognise and remember and so Impromptu Opera was born.

The aim of the company is to provide musical entertainment to those who may not normally consider attending a concert, show or Opera for whatever reason. It allows us to bring the music to you – whether this is in your front room or in a larger venue. It may be that you are considering a special occasion (birthday, wedding etc) or just fancy an indulgent evening to wow your guests! Whilst we incorporate the word 'Opera' in to the business name, our main aim is to offer what it says in the sub heading and provide ‘Bespoke Musical Entertainment.' Many of our functions up to now have been pure 'Opera Nights' which feature 1, 2 or more singers introducing and performing many of the most popular songs and arias. We also provide our own version of the 3 tenors!  All of these are introduced in a way that gives a light hearted and accessible background to what you may well recognise musically.  As well as Opera nights, Impromptu Opera is able to provide musical theatre nights and classical concerts as well as the lighter side, including background piano/vocal/saxophone music should this be your need or desire.

Many of our Opera nights have involved performances in well known restaurants throughout the UK. For the last 15 years, we hosted the Opera Nights at Stock Restaurant in Manchester. These evenings combined the three elements close to our hearts; music, good food and good wine! These evenings involved short performances (Acts, as we like to call them) which are created to compliment the dining experience and provide a truly memorable event. We liaise directly with the restaurant personnel to make the event run smoothly and make sure the audience is always in supply of this triangle of goodies! In our experience, we have found that this format works very well, should this be the path you choose.

All of our performances are accompanied live, usually with piano accompaniment. We are aware that many of our competitors use backing tracks, but the use of a live accompaniment provides the extra spontaneity so often required at these events. The singers employed have a vast and wide range of experience and when they are not performing for Impromptu Opera , they can be found far and wide, performing at some of the most prestigious and iconic venues throughout the world. These include the Coliseum in London (home of English National Opera) The Royal Opera House (Covent Garden) Opera North and even Sydney Opera house!

We are sure that we have something musical we can offer to you – whether you are a business or private client, please get in touch to discuss any ideas and thoughts you may have. The term 'impromptu' has various meanings; It is a musical term which refers to a work that is often supposed to sound as if it were improvised, or 'off the cuff!' It also relates to something that is spontaneous. This is very much the ethos of Impromptu Opera! 


                                                                                                                         We look forward to hearing from you!

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